Ella Eyre has a voice that a wickedly beautiful to listen to. Strong and gravelly, and the bird is only 19! But this song writing and production on ‘Deeper’ is flailing under the potential of these great vocals, and this song never really takes off. Yes. it’s catchy, yes its sweet but not particularly great, cool or edgy.

Earlier on in 2012/13, she had great vocal spots with credible acts like fellow UK drum n bass royalty Rudimental and US Wiz Khalifa and things were really looking up for Ella Eyre.
These tracks really showed her breadth of talent and potential.
But in ‘Deeper’, production is pedestrian with vocal effects reminiscent of CnC music factory – in the lame sense. It feels as tho she is being squeezed for a quick buck, perhaps Duffy wasn’t available to write another advertising jingle.
No lie, at first listen i thought perhaps it was a Amy Winehouse b-side remix a label had put out for $$.
Ella should take a leaf from Roses Gabor’s book, and be raw, emotional, artistic and uncompromising. Hopefully it is just the misplaced faith young artists often put in record labels, and one day we will hear her vocal and song writing sore, and kick my arse.


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