Every time I see the name Calvin Harris, I get excited. I know that it’s going to be a catchy dance track that will satisfy both my sweet tooth and poignant ‘OMG this is the best night ever!’ cravings. ‘I Need Your Love’  from the 2012 release 18 Months doesn’t disappoint. The production is flawless and uses all the favourite cliche tricks that get you dancing. Breakdowns, 909 claps, oscillator lasers sweeps, big beats, fat bass and that one damn good line that you can line that you can sing over and over (and look like you know the whole song). It’s good on the first listen and I betchya you’ll get it stuck in your head. It’s grows on you like most of his other tracks. Ellie Goulding offers her usual flavour of aloofness and melancholy to the track and although she has co-written this song, she doesn’t own it, like say Rihanna in ‘We Found Love’.

I don’t think this will get on his classic track list (like other 18 Months track ‘I Feel So Close’ or ‘Bounce’) and the melody doesn’t stray too far from the CH standard – BUT it will be a solid 3am floor track. Nice one!

<a href=”https://itunes.apple.com/gb/album/18-months-deluxe-edition/id563923351?uo=4&#8243; target=”itunes_store”><img src=”http://r.mzstatic.com/images/web/linkmaker/badge_itunes-sm.gif&#8221; alt=”18 Months (Deluxe Edition) – Calvin Harris” style=”border: 0;”/></a> Buy 18 months from iTunes here

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I need your love

I need your love


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